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    Depression Counseling

    Many people who have felt irritable, had trouble sleeping, don't have positive self-esteem or use alcohol to relax, do not realize they have depression. The good news is that medication is Not the only answer. Depression can have many causes and there are many factors---often not "chemicals in the brain".

    A depressed partner withdraws, gets irritable, may "use", do other things or leave. Recognizing depression in someone can be complex. Sexual intimacy is affected things can also be difficult for a relationship. Unfortunately, anti-depressants aren't for everyone or may negatively affect sexual function. Anxiety and depression often work together.

    I have specific strategies to get you moving (behavior activation) and start making the changes you desire. There are skills and approaches to life situations that will help you feel more hopeful and less helpless---the key thinking and feeling difficulty of depression. Give me a call at 541-326-1696 or send an email to: to get the individualized, non drug help you need. I can help you avoid pitfalls to create positive change in yourselfand those around you.


    Please note: Insurance plans do not always list all providers. Please call several days before you desire an appointment to ask about your insurance. Insurance plans have many types of coverage so we will need to discuss details. We will verify insurance before a session is held.

    Barbara Massey is conveniently in downtown Medford, near Ashland, Jacksonville, Central Point, Shady Cove, Eagle Point, Phoenix, Talent, White City and Gold Hill.