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    Options/Fees/First Step

    First Step: Issue and Availability

    The first step is to briefly discuss your situation by phone at no charge, so I can understand your counseling needs and other factors. If we are a "fit" for each other including scheduling, we will move forward.

    The next step is to set up an initial consultation appointment where we will talk in person.

    Range of Options 

    5 Sessions Total Including ConsultationIf we move beyond the in-person consultation session, we will meet for up to four sessions minimum, to insure that you have good results. (Couples counseling requires the total of four sessions after the consultation as there are many factors that contribute to or affect your relationship.) I will talk with you about the current problems you are having as well, have you talk differently and calmly with each other as you learn new skills. If you would like to have more depth in your relationship you may elect to extend your sessions.

    Issues Needing Extended Sessions. For those in a couple who are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress, Depression/Significant Anxiety, Violence or Multiple Incidences of Infidelity or a combination of these. This will be assessed at the initial consultation session. Greater that five sessions are necessary to deal with these issues that significantly affect relationships. Most couples therapy lasts about 3 to 5 months meeting weekly until the last month.

    Enrichment/Preparation sessions. For those couples who want to expand their strengths. This option offers you three sessions to learn your couple strengths and to review skills. 

    Seminars. For couples who want to expand their strengths And learn more in-depth skills for increasing communication, decreasing conflict, sex, money and other topics. (This option is not counseling.)


    To get started, let me know the best time to reach you on my voice mail. Because I am often in session, I do not answer my phone directly.

    To review: We speak briefly by phone. Once we have determined that an initial appointment would be set up, we schedule time. After this if insurance is used it is Verified by my Insurance Manager prior to the initial appointment. 


    I offer a few evening appointments. My number is 541-326-1696, I return calls during the business day and during any longer break when I am not in session.

    Please leave a message with the best time to reach you, number to call and if it is OK to leave a message at your number, and name of your insurance if you are paying with insurance. I will be able to help you more quickly with this information. I am often in session and cannot answer the phone directly, a text is preferred.

    Second Step: Payment Method

    There are many factors that contribute to selection of a payment method for counseling.

    Insurance Privacy or Denial of Therapy/Payment Concerns:

    • Insurance requires that I give you a medical diagnosis. Seminars and other options may not apply.
    • Insurance companies do pass on medical diagnosis as part of your medical file, may deny future group or private insurance. Self-employment or long-term care disability or other state benefits.
    • More disclosure of your personal information of Your file or Behavioral Health Treatment plans can be requested for payment
    • Some insurance policies have high premiums, deductibles and/or co-payments, and many managed care policies allow you only a limited number of sessions.
    • Many insurance companies do not approve couples or marital therapy treatment. The sessions approved by insurance are a modified version of marriage therapy to comply with insurance regulations. Every therapist must do it this way for payment.

    Insurance Payment Benefits:

    • Pays for some or all of the counseling benefit when in the counselors office.

    Most Flexible Option 1: Private Pay or Self-Payment

    Many people decide to pay for therapy from their own financial resources. I offer payment by cash, check or credit card for maximum flexibility. I will let you know my current fee when you call if you are not using insurance. 

    I also offer longer sessions to those that pay directly since I am not under insurance regulations of limited time that insurance will pay. 

    The Psychotherapy Guild explains many ways to get reimbursement or tax benefits when self-payment is used for psychotherapy. Cafeteria Benefits Program, Medical Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Medical Spending Account (Flex Account) may be options through your employer or your own corporation.

    If self-payment for therapy seems too difficult because none of the options above are available to you or because you have limited financial resources, discuss your concerns openly with Barbara Massey LMFT. 

    Option 2: Insurance and Insurance Verification

    I am covered by many insurance plans. Some plans list me by my name, and some do not list me but still offer a benefit including out of network benefits. (Therefore I may be covered even if you have checked a list or called your insurance person.)

    I offer insurance verification once we have determined an appointment will be set. There are many, many variations to each insurance companies plan so I cannot determine ahead of time what will be covered by your insurance.

    My Insurance Manager requests you schedule your appointment date first and then will process the verification prior to that date. You may request a copy of this when you come to the first session or that I contact you prior to the session to know if you will pay more than a small co-pay.

    Third Step: The First Appointment

    Welcome! Once we have decided that we are a "fit" to work together, what issues you want to address, and what you intend to change, you will have a idea how counseling will proceed.

    To help you most effectively at the first session I ask that you complete the two pages of the Adult Intake Form And the related three documents and bring it to the first session 15 minutes before your appointment time. There will be a clipboard in my waiting area for you to read my current Fee/Insurance information benefits. I will review your forms before we start the session. Arriving on time means we can use the full hour and 15 minutes for the first time. 

    When you at your appointment, please do not hesitate to bring up any concerns you may have. Increased hope, joy and connection can occur!