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    Marriage or Partner Counseling

    If you are partners or married, you have already come a distance in working together. You have planned and committed to your relationship. These advantages can mean you are committed to growing your relationship. Your Responsibily Level = Quality Results since I offer education both in and out of sessions.

    I am an Expert in relationship counseling for individuals, couples and families. To become an Expert, I received a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, then a Marriage and Family Therapist license and, the most important, worked for over 20 years of experience helping others in relationships.

    My  counseling is focused on helping couples or spouses with the following issues:

    • Communication difficulties
    • Arguments that do not end with Respect or Care
    • Negative feelings about the relationship, feeling "out of love"
    • Poor problem-solving
    • Lack of support
    • Lack of quality time together
    • Feeling emotionally distant
    • Not getting needs met
    • Lack of interest or affection
    • Infidelity/affair
    • Emotional infidelity/affair
    • Recovering from Divorce for a New Better Relationship
    • Depression
    • Alcohol or Drug Abuse


    Please call/text 541-326-1696 or email

    See Couples Counseling for more information on services for improving your marriage.