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    Helping When Someone is Depressed

    Depression is hard on relationships. 17 million Americans a year suffer from depression. It is usually ranked number one for mental health issues. It's also a major cause of difficulties in a couple. A depressed partner withdraws, gets irritable, may "use", do other things or leave. Recognizing depression and not other issue can be complex. Sexual intimacy is affected things can also be difficult for a relationship. Unfortunately, anti-depressants aren't for everyone or may negatively affect sexual function.
Below are ways to help depression and be helpful to the depressed person:

    Helping someone you care about can really make a difference long-term and throughout all the lives involved. Never ignore any expression of suicide. (If you have immediate concerns call 911 or take them to an emergency room.)

    Depression is treatable by a doctor or counselor, preferably both. In many cases, depression caught early enough does not have to mean the person takes medication. And if they will not receive counseling you can learn about depression so that you do not “catch” it and can carry out the above actions.