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    Individual Counseling

    Individual counseling benefits relationships in many ways. You may sleep well at night, not fight with anyone or feel calm when you get help to:

    • shift from being criticized and helplessness to talking without conflict
    • heal from abuse and betrayals---emotional, spiritual or sexual
    • use faith positively to build your life and get over spiritual conflicts and confusion
    • consider decisions
    • manage your chronic illness for peace and acceptance
    • gain support through hypnosis for reducing anxiety and overcoming health issues including losing weight

    Call 541-326-1696 send an email to to make an appointment for individual counseling.

    I can help you avoid pitfalls to create positive change in yourself and those around you.

    “I didn’t realize that I wasn’t bringing up what I needed in my relationship. I didn’t know what I needed until I came to counseling.”

    I have helped a wide variety of individuals resolve issues in their lives and feel peace, joy and better about themselves.

    Insurance plans do not always list all providers. Please call several days before you desire an appointment to ask about your insurance. Insurance plans have many types of coverage so we will need to discuss details. We will verify insurance before a session is held.

    Barbara Massey is conveniently in downtown Medford, near Ashland, Jacksonville, Central Point, Shady Cove, Eagle Point, Phoenix, Talent, White City and Gold Hill.