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    Women’s Support Group

    This group will be restarting in January.

    Women need a secure place to discuss anxiety, depression, relationships, medications/health and other issues that they often can not in other community/group settings. “Tending and befriending” is how women reduce their stress. They also focus best in groups with only women. Research has also shown that women focus more on their own needs in a non mixed gender group.

    To sign up for the group, call Barbara at 541-326-1696 or email at

    Although I work with individuals, couples and families, a woman’s experience of empathy is often the starting point for an entire family to change. Connection for anyone (fellowship) is needed for positive growth to occur.

    A Women's Support Group then is a  place to experience five good things:

    1. A sense of zest or well being that comes from connecting with another person or a group.

    2. The ability and motivation to take action in relationships as well as in other situations.

    3. Increased knowledge of oneself and other people.

    4. An increased sense of worth.

    5. A desire for more connections beyond the group connections.

    (Adapted from Jean Baker Miller MD)

    Call Barbara at 245.9610. ext 3 to discuss the group including fees before signing up.