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    • Individual Counseling with Barbara Massey LMFT

      You may have a variety of issues you want to address. Some of these directly impact your relationships, others are painful and sometimes they are both. Achieving a calm and tranquil life without drama is no easy matter. Reducing the emotional pain and symptoms contributes to peace and serenity in your life..

    • Hypnosis and BrainSpotting Barbara Massey LMFT

      Hypnosis and BrainSpotting mind/body techniques for healing.

    • Couples Counseling with Barbara Massey LMFT

      Couples counseling is more than having two people in the counseling room and talking about communication. Couples counseling when it is done well includes how you talk to each other (the process of talking), the content of what you are discussing and the counselor changing both of these areas.

      Most people have had little explanations of how relationships can work well. For example if I were to say "I am a good surgeon" but have never operated but have only watched would you want me to operate on you? Not likely, first you would want me to have some specific training on what to do in the operating room.

      Many people expect themselves to be good at relationships in spite of no instructions. This is too high of an expectation!

    • Affair Recovery

      New 2016!  Affair Recovery Program

      • Initial Phone Consultation
      • Assessment of the Affair
      • Why did it happen?
      • Shock of affair (responsiblity, not judgment)
      • Personality/Couples Assessment for immediate help and ongoing issues
      • Two contiuous hours of custom counseling (maybe extended for an additional fee)
      • $ 475 payment (no insurance)
    • Intensive Counseling with Barbara Massey LMFT

      Intensive counseling offers a time focused way to heal. Paying privately for several hours a day is used in an Intensive. (Clients must paying privately since insurance will not cover multiple hours per day.)

      Several days are used to have a major, immediate impact on your emotional health. People who choose Intensive travel from other cities in Oregon. 

      I have had professional training in providing Intensive counseling. Intensive counseling is conducted differently than traditional counseling.

    • Group Counseling with Barbara Massey LMFT

      Healing for couples and individuals. This is often helpful with individual healing.